Books by jess T. bryan

Dark Empire

Gunfighter Sam Bodean and  Chen Tao, an ex-Chinese Tong assassin, are directed to British East Africa to investigate the massacre of a native village. He discovers a treacherous leader using the Maasai to dig for the lost treasure chest that once belonged to Babylonian conqueror Ishkibal, which contains an enormous wealth... and death. A tribal leader attempts to bring about a rebellion against the ruling power.  Learning that the tribesmen are placed in slave labor deep in a trecherous mine gives Sam and Chen no option but to rescue them.

Track Down

As United States Marshall, Jake Boone, is hot on the trail of the dangerous Stanton, circumstance pushes his skills and his wits to the limits.  Will he be able to live up to his own legend and keep things safe?  Or has 'Killer Jake' met his match finally?

The Guns of Helldorado

Missionary nuns, Sisters Ruth and Naomi, travel to St. Timothy's to carry out God's work when the mission becomes overrun by Red Dog and the Hunters, a band of renegade Comanche Indians.  Arn Walker, a track and guide gunman, offers the nuns protection.  Assembling the West's finest experts – Eb Tyler, a cowboy-turned-gunman, Mac Gibbs, an ex-Buffalo Soldier sergeant, and later Luke Brady, a drifter - they devise a plan of escape.  But the outlaws set their sights on the two sisters, believing they hold the key to a vast fortune. It's gonna be a helluva ride!

The Outlaw Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee makes her way west after the Civil War, committed to carrying out a rewarding life. She assigns an infamous bounty hunter to become her teacher. With what skills she has, they are soon needed to fight a brigade of lawmen as her past begins to catch up with her. She soon turns into West's most wanted and dangerous murderer in the country.

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